My thoughts on 841V3

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My thoughts on 841V3

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So I thought I would talk about some things that I like or don't like about the V3...

Best part of the V3 for me anyway is the MIC Pickup.. On the V3 it is on the Camera part and not the Base like it is on the V1 and V2..
Another thing I like is that the Camera seems to move faster when Pan and tilt is asked for.. It isn't the Speed setting it has a faster response then the other ones I think
Things that I don't like very much
1, there is no Zoom even if it is Digital like v1 and v2 there is nothing for you to move the FOV in rather then keeping it full view..
2, No Audio in or out on the back only built into the camera
3, No Alarm in and out like on the v1 and v2...
4, Privacy Mode? lol I mean if you need Privacy just unplug the thing for goodness sakes.. I guess the good news is that it is both audio and Video.. I just wish that once it turned off it would go back to where it was before clicking the Privacy Button...

Also bought the camera defective and I don't expect others to take the camera apart however seeing my camera was bought outside of Amcrest and didn't have a Warranty I had to repair the camera myself... Looking at the camera on the out side it does look like the older cameras however on the inside it is nothing like the v1 or v2.. Because of the cameras Power MB there is only 3 screws that hold the bottom on where on the v2 and 1 there is 4.. When my camera was built there was some type of dust that was setting on the Cameras Sensor, This dust was in the shape of a 1/2 moon and caused a black spot on the cameras image... This is not something that could have been added after the fact seeing the Camera Sensor, Lens and IRC are a tight fit and there is no way that this dust could have been introduced by storage or shipping... This camera is very well made and isn't easy to take apart.. Taking the camera apart is the hardest thing when it comes to the repair of this camera in the future if it is ever needed.. The Battery for the camera is not in the MB under the bottom it is on the Camera PCB and if someone ever has to replace this battery it would cost more for a Tech to make the change then to just buy a new camera...

In this picture you can see the Dust that was on the Sensor and also in this picture you can see the Battery it is that little round thing with bt1 next to it.. That is a Clock battery that also works with preset memory as well.. Once that dies the clock will be wrong anytime the camera is rebooted or is without power and it will not come back online with good preset they will be out of place.. THis image is rather large and to get full view right click and view in new tab then you can blow it up to a better size to see the image better... I might have to resize the picture and load it again in lower quality view..
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