Multiple notifications Amcrest View Pro

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Multiple notifications Amcrest View Pro

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Hello everyone-

I cannot seem to figure out why I am getting multiple notifications for each event. I have the IP8M-T2669EW-AI cameras and for each car that drives by I get a notification for VideoMotion and SmartMotionVehicle. Disabling motion disables smart motion detection. Is this really by design?
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Re: Multiple notifications Amcrest View Pro

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Hello and Welcome to the forum.

So While I don't have that Camera or one with SMD features I couldn't get any data outside of guessing.. That will be based off my own AI device that does have SMD and that is my 7108-AI DVR.. This has the ability to enable the Motion Detection as normal and then within the AI portion of the DVR I can click on SMD and then for each of the channels I can pick Enable as they are all off to start. Then I can choose to either detect Human or Vehicle or both and so on.. However when I have it setup for SMD I no longer get any notices on my phone even though I have it setup for Motion Events. So why I said my guess off my SMD device is that when I make a change with SMD on the Motion page I get a Pop up that says it is also making change in SMD as it is linked. So I am guessing that because SMD is Smart Motion Detection that your getting a Pop up with the titles you have because it is linked and the App gets data from both and rather then understanding that only need the 1 alert it is giving it as both..

So here is something for now that might help and while I won't help if you use your Amcrest View Pro Via P2P but it could help if you only want the Alerts when your home.. DMSS has an app that has all the AI options and in some time soon I am sure the Amcrest App will be updated with the AI info in the app.. So to use the DMSS app with Amcrest you will have to be In Network for the alerts to come to your phone but it will be listed as Vehicle or Human in app and can help with keeping an eye on what you want when you want.. Once the Updated AVP comes out I will be much happier as I like to have my systems on P2P access..
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