Multiple IP4M-1051B WIFI Issue

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Multiple IP4M-1051B WIFI Issue

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If i place 2 of these camera on WIFI, it crashes the network (WIFI and WIRED). Ping latency goes from 3-4ms to between 3 to 1000+ms for everything. As soon as one camera is unplugged (either one), everything works again.

Connect one to 2.4 GHz and one to 5GHz
Connect them both to 2.4GHz
Connect them both to 5GHz
Changed WIFI Channels
Connect only these two Camera to dedicated RT-AC68U.
Tried latest firmware
Tried older firmware

I tried using Asus RT-AX86U and only Asus RT-AC68U wireless routers connecting to WIFI on the router.

I feel that these Amcrest products have serious defect that floods the network and crash everything.
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