Mixing cameras from different brands?

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Mixing cameras from different brands?

Post by jastarner »

Hi all,

Just moved into a home with amcrest camera set up throughout the house. I have one set up so far and have been using the Amcrest View Prop app to view it. However, there are two Sharx Security cams around the house also. My question is can I view these in addition to the Amcrest cams I have?

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Re: Mixing cameras from different brands?

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Hello and Welcome to the forum

Sharx brand? I personally have not heard of it. My guess is that it wouldn't be able to work with Amcrest Pro App.. If you had a NVR you might be able to get them to work if they were not Brand Only.. I do have a few cameras that are Brand only. One of the companies off top of my head that did that was Annke that is really a Hikvision OEM yet a few of the IP cameras they have are Brand and Recorder Specific.. If the Cameras are ONVIF or RTSP then should be able to connect to a Amcrest NVR.. Sharx brand I am guessing they were an OEM of Hikvision I doubt anyone would have left some Uniview products behind unless they were very old..

Resetting the camera of the Sharx you might be able to ARP the IP address if it don't have one listed on the sticker as the default IP some do some don't. Then you could access if it has a WebUI by the IP address of the camera. Most cameras from Amcrest have WebUI and has much better access to Setup then what you can access on the app.. Again that would be http://ip address

Nice score on the free cameras. Hope they serve you well..
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Re: Mixing cameras from different brands?

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It is always nice to score free cameras!

I have an Amcrest doorbell along with Reolink cameras using an Amcrest NVR, and while at times it has been challenging, I am able to get them all to work together. Next is to tackle Playback...

Depending on the camera, if they are IP cameras you should be able to get them to work.
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