IP8M-T2499EB-40MM cable/plug

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IP8M-T2499EB-40MM cable/plug

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I am needing to replace the RJ45 plug on a IP8M-T2499EB-40MM camera but haven't really been able to find a suitable replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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Re: IP8M-T2499EB-40MM cable/plug

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Are you sure that it is a plug issue? As yours seems to be intact?

If that is just a Picture of what your asking for but yours isn't intact that could be a different issue..

If you have the whole cable but is damaged you can repair the cable, however if the jack is damaged by the pins no longer being any good but still can access them what you will want to do is Tone out the cable.. If there is no end at all that is going to be an issue and is something that either you could use a good one if you had a second to find out what pins on the MB goes to what pins on the 8 pin jack.. Then if you had the tools you could make your own cable either from the camera MB to the Switch/POE NVR or to another jack..

Outside of that it might be little hard to get a good color code from others that have that camera unless it was built at the same date.. Wires that some camera that was built 6 months later and at times could be as little a days later might be different by 1 or 2 colors because they ran out and used some other backup color they had on hand..

I have some older cameras that I have had to do some work on and found it odd myself that even though they were same model wire colors were not the same then found out that one was a year older then the other, that was my guess on the color difference and in your case all models might be 100% same from first to last.. Just something to keep in mind if even support staff say the colors are 1 way there might be a color or 2 that isn't right..
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