IP8M-2496EB Firmware update

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IP8M-2496EB Firmware update

Postby rxaver » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:55 am

Hello, I'm having trouble with my IP8M-2496EB and understand from this forum that ongoing issues with this model and its ability to FTP would be corrected. I am unable to use this camera for its intended purpose if it can't FTP. Can you tell me anything about a fix to this ongoing problem? It's a nice camera (although a bit pricey) but if it won't work as expected, it's worthless to me. Please address this problem and let us know when we can expect a response. Thanks you.

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Re: IP8M-2496EB Firmware update

Postby consorts » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:46 am

sadly, amcrest does a poor job keeping up with updates.
it's apple/imac/safari app was out of date as of sept'2018
dahua's bullet equal to this model got a firmware update august'2018
while we are still stuck with june'2018 with a lot of bugs and i/o & ivs dysfunction.

my guess is people using NVR's don't suffer as much as stand alone ip cam users
because the NVR covers for some of the lack of functionality in this camera.
this is probably also true of blue iris users - something amcrest also resells.

registering with amcrest firmware updates is pointless, since you just get sales spam,
and contacting support directly is pointless, since their canned reply is no ETR useless.
this is what you get when you buy a technically complex device from a marketing team,
who's solution to every problem is to "factory reset" it...


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Re: IP8M-2496EB Firmware update

Postby TXResident » Mon May 06, 2019 2:47 pm

I have the NVR 4108e and the IP8M-2496E cameras. On my NVR it is telling me that I need the cameras "ugraded" I tried to download the latest update which is june of 2018 to a USB and when inserting the usb to the NVR it says no files can be found to download. Tried to do it from the configuration console, and it begins to download and then it just freezes and gives me a message of unable to upgrade, manual restart. I tried several times with no luck. Any suggestions?

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