IP8M-2454EW snapshots

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IP8M-2454EW snapshots

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I am looking for a camera with Zoom capability. Since I have a bunch of Amcrest cameras I was looking at the IP8M-2454EW

Before I buy one: has anyone been able to reliably use the web interface to capture snapshots at the full 8MP resolution?

I ask because, as documented in other threads, I've run into a lot of problems with the higher resolution cameras ability to take snapshots using the URL interface (either /onvifsnapshot/media_service/snapshot?channel=1&subtype=0 as returned by ONVIF, or /cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi as documented in the Amcrest API document)

Long story short: attempts to retrieve snapshots when the camera is configured for full resolution fail with timeouts and HTTP 400 errors. The only way to get snapshots is to lower the resolution to less than 4MP. This happens with several recent models.

I asked this question on the Amazon product page and received a response from Amcrest of
"We have never tested this feature with the camera. We do not have any supportive data at this time. Amcrest Team"
Which, honestly, is pretty f*ing amazing: they have never tested one of the documented features of the camera and are unwilling to commit to it working.

So, before I give up on Amcrest altogether, I'm wondering if anyone else has this camera and can verify whether or not the snapshot URLs work at 8MP resolution

If not, does anyone have recommendations for any other manufacturer's IP webcams 4MP to 8MP with optical zoom, that support ONVIF and web based snapshots at full resolution?

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