IP3M-941B - First Post - Help Please

Have some questions or having issues with your IP Camera(s), Post them here for the mods and other users to assist you with.
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IP3M-941B - First Post - Help Please

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I had Blue Iris software running six cameras with no issues what so ever. Four of the cameras are IPCAM and the other two are AMCREST I3PM-941B. I have had the AMCREST cameras for about 18 months. Using Blue Iris I was able to PTZ with no issue. I ordered a 3rd I3PM-941B, but before I hooked it up to Blue Iris I did a firmware upgrade. It seemed to go OK so I upgraded the other two. Once they came back up I found that I could no longer use PTZ from Blue Iris. I went to the firmware site and downloaded the previous firmware, but still no PTZ using Blue Iris. PTZ works OK within the AMCREST app.
My question is has anybody else experienced this? If so, how did you resolve it? I have searched for earlier firmware versions to try but have had no success. Thanks in advance, and look forward to a possible solution. Good day all!
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Re: IP3M-941B - First Post - Help Please

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To be honest I don't use Blue Iris so I am not sure I did try the Demo at one time. Well I can think to try is Remove the camera from Blue Iris and add it back and see if adding it as a new camera fixes the issue. Also another thing if you have not tried I would also Reset the camera back to Factory after doing an Update it is said that is best Practice and with the camera if on 2018 FW before going to newer 2019 2020 or 2021 FW it is also making a Leap in different format as well. Sadly outside of sending the cameras back to amcrest and having them put the old FW in once moved to the JS FW there is no going back without their help
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