Customized Snapshot Schedule on IP2M-842

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Customized Snapshot Schedule on IP2M-842

Postby DavidN » Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:08 am

While researching how to setup a customized snapshot schedule for the outdoor bullet cam IP2M-842, I discovered a couple of issues. My reason is I would like to have a snapshot taken every 15 or 30 minutes, in addition to any motion recording. Problem is, the options for the snapshot frequency are 1 to 7 seconds. That's a lot of photos in a day.

I found a document under Zendesk titled "Time Lapse Setup (IP2M-842)", however this document really discusses the 841 model. Not only does it clearly say so it covers the SD card options, which the 842 lacks. Apparently, the 841 has an option under frequency called Customization as well as the before mentioned 1 to 7 second options. I cannot find that on my 842.

So, Problem 1 is how do you customize the snapshot frequency on an 842?
Problem 2 is an Amcrest housekeeping issue. Might want to post the correct Time Lapse article in Zendesk.


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