Change File Directory Naming Scheme

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Change File Directory Naming Scheme

Postby neuman1812 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:57 am

I have an ipm-751 connected to my NAS via SMB.

The folder naming and file naming is crazy.


Is there anyway to Modify these to make them human friendly? I really dont want to have to buy a different brand camera.

based on some google searching I think I know the answer, but I thought I'd ask just in case.

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Re: Change File Directory Naming Scheme

Postby KeeterJ » Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:51 pm

neuman1812, I really agree with you on this one! I hate the way the folders and files are written when my IP2M-841's send to an FTP server. Interestingly, one of my cameras uses a different scheme. I have no idea why, but maybe years ago there was a way to modify it which I now forget

In the older versions of the firmware the configuration backup data file was in a JSON format that you could read as a text file. I see the format strings for the folder hierarchy and the filenames, so I'm encouraged there is a way to alter them. I have not had time to experiment with a way to alter them, but I'm hopefull.

For example "PicturePathRule" : "%y-%M-%d/%c/jpg/%h/%m/%s[%E][%[email protected]%S][%R].jpg"

Here's a more detailed example:

Code: Select all

"StorageGroup" : [ {
"Channels" : [ { "MaxPictures" : 0, "Path" : null } ], "FileHoldTime" : 0, "Memo" : "For Reading & Writing Files", "Name" : "ReadWrite", "OverWrite" : true,
"PicturePathRule" : "%y-%M-%d/%c/jpg/%h/%m/%s[%E][%[email protected]%S][%R].jpg", "RecordPathRule" : "%y-%M-%d/%c/dav/%h/%h.%m.%s-%h.%m.%s[%E][%[email protected]%S][%R].%t"
}, { "Channels" : [ { "MaxPictures" : 0, "Path" : null } ], "FileHoldTime" : 0, "Memo" : "For FTP Files", "Name" : "Remote", "OverWrite" : true,
"PicturePathRule" : "%y-%M-%d/%hhour/jpg/%h.%m.%s[%E][%[email protected]%S][%R].jpg", "RecordPathRule" : "%y-%M-%d/%hhour/mp4/%h.%m.%s-%h.%m.%s[%E][%[email protected]%S][%R].%t"

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