can you record to microSD and NVR?

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can you record to microSD and NVR?

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Hi, I have a amcrest NVR but also notice the cameras have the option to record to microSD, im just curious can they record to both at the same time? for a situation like if the NVR got stolen i'd still have footage recorded?
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Re: can you record to microSD and NVR?

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Yes you can Record to both the Recorder and the MSD card.. Even could do FTP in there as well.. Just keep in mind that in the camera the option for would be like FTP of images and msd of recordings.. you could do them both images and recordings on the MSD just saying there is the ability.

So yes it is good idea as I have said to have back up on the Camera here this don't help much is if its a POE NVR and the cameras are on the POE of the NVR. You will want to make sure that the cameras cover all Enter and Exit points so if someone did break in and steal your NVR that the MSD would have it on there after you power it back up.. IT would catch them entering I would also have one at the Recorder that is either hidden or really well protected so in the event that did happen there would be footage of the removal.. Or better yet maybe even one that goes offsite FTP or cloud based so if they did steal that camera wtih MSD installed in it there is still footage you can access for your insurance and police.. SO the one in the Recorder area direct access to Internet, Cloud and not POE or not connected to the POE NVR at least so it can keep recording after recorder is removed or damaged..
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