Anti Dither on 841V3

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Anti Dither on 841V3

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Hello all, So I am not sure if it is setup like this by default or if I stayed up to long one night and made some adjustments without knowing better lol.

So normally all other cameras I have from Amcrest are setup with the Anti Dither at 5 However my 841V3 had some really long motion event recordings so I went to look at what I had my Delay setup for in Record. It is only setup at 10 yet my Recordings are all 45 to 47 seconds and then I seen the Anti dither is setup for 30? Right now I can't reset the camera and setup again because it is in a Remote location and it's really cold out right now and my old bones don't work well in the cold lol..

If you have not made any changes to the Anti Dither or if you have just done a Reset and starting to setup things again What was your V3 841 cameras set at 5 like the normal Amcrest line or was it 30?

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