Amcrest AI cameras

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Amcrest AI cameras

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So I had someone ask me why there are some cameras that are AI based 4k yet cheaper then 4mp AI cameras..

So looking at these and first important thing is that 4mp AI cameras are Color at night cameras and have a Person ID setup built into the camera

where the 4k cameras are not Color at night by design not saying you can not run them in color at night just not designed to with White light LEDS... Second thing and this is only an IDEA and might not be 100% Correct but the 4k cameras don't have Person ID AI built in but does have Human and Auto Detections to help with false alarms on motion events...

So in Effect the 4mp cameras while they are lower Rez camera they are Higher AI built in them..

Want one with able to store faces and keep records then the 4mp Also Color at night full time color...
want one that will help keep false alarms down by choosing if you want human and or auto detection and no other motion maters and want 4k then get the 4k ones..
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