AD110 Nightmare

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AD110 Nightmare

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I've had an AD110 since they came out, and it's worked flawlessly until now.
One day it suddenly stopped allowing me to connect to live view. Push notifications and recorded events worked just fine, but when I tried to connect to live view I would get a replay error and it would tell me to try again. I tried rebooting the AD110, cleared the cache on the app. All the while, I could see live view in my Amcrest ViewPro App (I have it added as an IP channel on my AMDV4M8 DVR).

After trying everything, I hard reset the AD110 per the instructions and set it back up.
After overcoming the obstacle of WDR being gone and figuring out how to get it back with IP Config, the Doorbell no longer works like it used to.

It doesn't detect motion right anymore no matter what settings I try. Prior to the reset, the second someone walked out the front door, it would trigger a motion alert. I just had my wife go out, walk to the end of the driveway and back and it only caught her on the way back to the door. It totally missed her on the way out of the door. Prior to the reset, if she was out on the front porch watering plants, I would get alert after alert. Now, it doesn't even recognize her on the front porch.

Prior to the reset, it would NOT detect cars passing by on the street 50ft away, now, it does. Even if I set the motion setting to 1.

If I use a motion zone to delete the street, it doesn't detect cars passing on the street, and most of the time it doesn't detect anyone walking up the sidewalk.

I have:

Factory reset the AD110 3 times, removing the device first.
Cleared cache on app
Cleared data on app
Used motion zones (which I did not need to use prior)
Used every range from 1 to 5 on the motion detection

This doorbell is now useless to me and about to be replaced by something else, but I thought I'd reach out here first.

Thanks for any help in advance,

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