AD110 Doorbell Auto Night Vision Reboot

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Re: AD110 Doorbell Auto Night Vision Reboot

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@eko3alpha - The IR intensity setting for Amcrest cameras is actually documented and can be safely changed on the AD110 via the API. Others have had success fixing their reboot issues by changing the intensity along with the "Manual" IR setting. It's not a one size fits all setting, so will take some trial and error.

See the discussion in this post: ... fig#p32414

In addition to the IR having an impact on reboots, others have reported (as you have) it only happens concurrent with an RTSP connection to Synology SS, Blue Iris, or even the SH app live view.

BTW - I've never had a spontaneous reboot occur with NightVision=Auto and concurrent RTSP recordings on both Home Assistant and an NVR. This is likely because my porch lights are bright and it never kicks in the IR and remains in color.
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Re: AD110 Doorbell Auto Night Vision Reboot

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Hopefully this helps someone with IR problems. It's been a long week of troubleshooting so I wanted to get this out there quickly and will edit it with more details over time if I'm able to.

Long story short is I had a Wyze doorbell. The Wyze doorbell comes with it's own wireless plug in chime and you install a small resistor to bypass your mechanical chime completely. I was fine with that because I hate the jarring mechanical chime. Turns out the Wyze system is really neat and cheap and worked well but they can't get notifications working on Android so I bailed and picked up an Amcrest AD110.

Knowing i didn't care about the chime, I went ahead and wired the thing straight up, leaving the Wyze resistor in place. Updated the firmware to the latest available as of 3/2021 and never had the IR reboot problem. Then I found some time and thought to myself, I'll hook up the Amcrest chime controller module and at least then I can turn it on and off at will. First I discovered that no, you can't turn it on or off at will, the only way is to delete the stupid thing from your account and skip that part of setup when you re-add it. Ok, so I left it that way, no chime but with the chime module installed. Still no IR issues. Now came a week of AD110 trials, tribulations, troubleshooting, and factory resets that everyone here has faced, I won't bore you with those details, but I ended up doing a replacement via Amazon per tech supports recommendation. I figured maybe I had a bum unit with all of the other issues I was having, resulting in frequent factory resets. At least with the chime unit wired up but not activated in the software, and running the latest firmware 20200922, I didn't have the dreaded IR reboot.

When the RMA unit showed up I figured I'd skip the firmware update and see what was in the older version. Boy was I happy to discover the dynamic range setting (picture was garbage without it) and that the PIR sensor still shows up in Synology SS if you add it as ONVIF (under IO > digital input > DI 1-10, make sure they are all checked and disable the regular "motion detection" under event detection tab). I can keep my false alarms for movement to a minimum because PIR, and see what's going on when they are triggered with HDR. Sweet!! But tonight as soon as it got dark, even with no chime installed, it started rebooting constantly when IR kicked in. I thought to myself, let me try that Wyze resistor/jumper cable and see what happens. Been stable for over an hour now. Seems like FW 200509 with no chime module wired in is stable, no API editing or scripting.

The older firmware also netted me a working SD card (motion only, no constant, afraid to try scheduling it in the Amcrest Pro app) so I'm happy for now. I just can't believe that one of the top selling doorbells on Amazon is so sketchy, unreliable, and inconsistent yet it's the best thing out there (I've researched a bunch and tried two others).

I have a bunch more to dump here eventually but that's for another time, before I forget:

-Can you downgrade firmware?
-Is it safe to add the constant record to SD schedule to the doorbell via Amcrest Pro?
-Why does running an ONVIF features scan on the doorbell using IP Cam Viewer Pro app from the Roku store (paid $5 for it!) cause the doorbell to not work again in the official Amcrest app until you factory reset (video stream never loads and errors out)
-Why when choosing AD110 profile in Synology SS does PIR not work?
-Why when choosing ONVIF profile in SSS does PIR work but 2 way audio does not?
-Why when you click on the SD card in the Amcrest app does it show you the first motion video of the day and you have to scroll all the way to the right to see the most recent one. Shouldn't it be the opposite?
-Why can't we change video quality/resoluiton/etc on the Doorbell in Amcrest Smart Home app but you can do the same for other Amcrest products, like the AD26-W
-Why don't the doorbell notification switch and the push notification switch work independently (you can work around this on android by turning individual notifications off in the Amcrest Smart Home application settings
-Why is there no portrait mode for the video chat that pops up when you click on the doorbell notification?
-Why can't the chime be turned off once it's enabled? Would be amazing to set a schedule so the doorbell is disabled during work from home hours. This would be a pandemic lifesaver and triple your sales overnight.
-Why does using the official Amcrest chime module cause the thing to choke and reboot when IR comes on?
-How about a schedule for the indicator light - would be nice to have it automatically turn off at a certain time so people aren't encouraged to press it

Amcrest, if you are listening, I can go on for days and I, along with the other fine people on this forum, are actively giving great feedback that would send your sales through the roof if implemented. Many of these things are quick updates and simple fixes. If you want some seriously honest feedback, great quality control, beta testing, etc, your community is the place to go. Hook us up with some communication and the tools to test with so we're not scared of bricking our only production cameras and it will pay you back big time in the long run.

that's all I can remember for now.
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Re: AD110 Doorbell Auto Night Vision Reboot

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Add me to the list of IR rebooting issues. Normally, I have a 100w equivalent LED bulb in the fixture above the AD110 that goes on at sunset and shuts off at sunrise. For April, my wife likes to put a blue bulb in that fixture for Autism Awareness month.

Tonight, as I'm sitting on the couch I hear "Connected to network" coming from the front door every few minutes. I remembered reading about people having issues with IR Night VIsion, so I turned it off when I was able to log into the unit. After turning off Night Vision, no more problems.

I live on a somewhat busy street with a street light across the street. I manually turned on night vision and didn't see much difference and was able to avoid the reboot loop. Since there was no real difference in picture, I turned it off. My AD110 is also connected to a Synology device.
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Re: AD110 Doorbell Auto Night Vision Reboot

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I found a solution to my nightly reboots and have posted my findings and fix on a different topic: ... 336#p37336
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