AD110 disable cloud

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AD110 disable cloud

Post by scottsavarese »

I am working on setting up an AD110. The goal is to use it with my local video recorder. I have my local video recorder receiving the live feed, but I can't figure out how to block the AD110 from communicating back to the cloud. I don't want the video being uploaded and I want to block configuration of the camera from the cloud too.

The only way I've seen to do it is to block the camera from talking to the internet via my router. That shouldn't be a problem, but is that the best way? Are there any issues with doing that?
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Re: AD110 disable cloud

Post by Revo2Maxx »

At the AD110 level no way but yes if you turn off and access only from nvr the feed you will be ok not sure if using a micro SD if it would playback without internet. From nvr you should be fine and yes only way I know is to turn off through router
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