841v3 click sound of time advancement?

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841v3 click sound of time advancement?

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I know it sounds crazy and I swear I have not had anything to drink.. Maybe I need something.

So I did some changes in a Router and then I had to reset my 841v3, Was not able to connect because I forgot the SSID I had it setup before I reset the darn thing lol. I didn't want to have to run back and forth so I setup the router to work with camera for the night on a Cable connection, I then Reset the camera, I then made some changes in the Router so I could access the camera with setting up a VLAN and use port 81 as the forwarding port to take me to the port on the camera that I then setup to forward port 8080..

So I reboot the router, setup a connection to Router with Wifi with a Static IP so in the AM I can go remove the cable..

So now that all is said what I have done, I now have something strange going on. When I connect to the camera at my Routers port 81, log in and turn on Audio I get what sounds like a Second hand on a clock. However there is nothing around that should be making this sound, It isn't Humid out and it isn't raining.. I was just going to ask about it. However kind of hard to Explain what I am talking about so I made a Short Video of it.


Anyone have a 841v3 that does the same thing when using Chrome?
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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