841b and FTP

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841b and FTP

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So I was talking with a Friend of mine about his 841 and he told me that he had his on the older FW and I personally don't have an issue with this as most of mine are still on the 2.520.xxx FW as well. However when I asked him why he said that doing some searching on the internet he was told that if you use NAS or FTP not to do any update past the older FW so any of the 2019 and 2020 would break that and I can tell you that I have a good few 841's The new FW in 2019, and Dec 2019 I have them both installed on a camera along with the newer 2020 FW and they all don't have any issue sending images to my FTP server. So I am not sure what they read. I did a fast search and there was something wrote where someone was all up in arms and telling everyone not to update because his fTP no longer works and mine has never stopped.

So I just wanted to mention that I personally have not had any issue if that is your only worry I would for sure update to the 2020. Before long the camera will no longer work on IE and this leaves the Phone app and ASP or IE ext in chrome or Edge but just isn't as cool as IE.. Going to be hard for me when IE no longer works lol.. I have some VERY old hardware that works in IE only.. Even the Ext for chrome I can't get it to work on my old stuff.. All my amcrest hardware I can so that is good..

Edit: However if you are going to use your camera in an area that is without Internet or your camera will be hidden behind a Firewall without access to the internet that older FW might be best. I remember one of the reasons now why I wasn't happy with one of my cameras at my Cabin when my internet was out. Couldn't playback from MSD. However if your working over a NVR then no issue playback from NVR..
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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