4216E-AI making changes without my Input

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4216E-AI making changes without my Input

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Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has had some issues today or at all with changes being made by the NVR that you didn't make?

So today I went to take my Pup out. She is only one that is not Mat trained seeing she was trained to be house broken and not go in the house at all. So she is good for that.. Anyway before I took her out I made 1 last look at the screen and all cameras were going as expected. When I return I notice my 1046EW-AI camera is all washed out and all I can see is the IVS rule line on the screen and very little of the green of the tree.. Everything else is white..

Log in the WebUI of the NVR so I can access the camera, Look in the Setup and sure enough it is set at very odd settings.. I make the changes and camera back working again...

So I do some investigating and find that 7 minutes after I left my Monitor room the camera was Instructed to make a change by admin on ip and that is the NVR's POE internal IP address.. So I look at any log ins and there are non at the time this change was made?

Last week I did a Reset of the system and setup CH6 for different Detection rather then Face I have it back to IVS and a line Crossing?

This is the first time I have noticed my NVR making a Change that I didn't make.. I double checked the Camera for my stairs and my movements of when I returned to the Monitor room I was not here, The camera and NVR was not Remotely logged into that was logged anyway... There is no outside commands ran that was logged and there was no changes I had made or wanted to make to the Camera today..
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