1046EW-AI FTP images on Events

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1046EW-AI FTP images on Events

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So I wonder if anyone really but on this camera I have noticed that when I FTP images on events I get some images that are Missing some data? So in the past I was having some issues with Images coming up Green in my AI NVR, So I have removed the Camera from Being on the NVR's POE port and I have it on one of my POE Switches.. I then setup some different things to test out if I still get this Green Images within the WD Purple MicroSD card that I have installed in the camera it self..

I also setup to FTP Images on the events to see what that gives..

So I have found some odd things, I don't get a Green Screen (Green Picture) however I don't get a FULL DATA picture either, I have Amcrest Logo in the settings still there, and I have it to show time. When I look at normal Picture that I have setup to happen Every Hour. The Logo and time is there. However on a Motion event I found that the first Picture is loaded with the Scene and no Data of Logo or Time info, However the pictures following this does have the data..

Even more odd then that, I found that yesterday I had an event that it took the info from the first and last picture with all pictures between have logo and time..

Anyone have this issue Either on saved Pictures on MSD or FTP and or Issues with Green Screen when event happens if connected to NVR?

Or is it just my Camera?
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