Viewing from local hub (not wifi etc)

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Viewing from local hub (not wifi etc)

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Hi I have the yello and green bars; green regular. Yellow motion. Ok. New system (obviously! Bear with me!) :roll:

Then I noticed in live view it has a tiny people figure light up when a pedestrian walked by. Great!
How do I just see only when that happens,

Becasue it will take 4 hours on FFx16 to see the 48 hours I was gone. I only care about the pedestrians, not the cars, and in live view it seems to know which is which.

Thank you!
Also thank you for any information assistance on how to use playback. I'm live recording it is not set up to wifi. I don't know but assume that might make some difference. :D
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Re: Viewing from local hub (not wifi etc)

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Hello and Welcome to the Forum

We need info about the system your working with? Camera, DVR or NVR? They normal systems or have SMD?

So While looking at your playback screen, Just above the Green and Yellow lines there is the play, then there might be a Man walking, and some other things. IF you click the man walking Icon and if there is option for Human you will click that high lite the area you want to search for such record and then touch the man walking again. The system now should just play all the human walking on that channel.

Then if your system has SMD, Right Click the Screen, Go to Main Menu, then AI, Then choose Smart Search, Then SMD, THen click the Channel in question from Drop down box, then click on Type change to human, then start time and date. THen click Search. THis will list all the items in a list you can click the playback next to each one at a time. You find the one you want and you would click on the far left where it has the number of search say you wanted to save the 10th put a check mark in 10 spot and Click on the backup. If you have an Thumb Drive installed you will be able to back up that timed event.

OUtside of that I will need to know what system you have if non of that stuff helps with your needs..
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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