Solution to no live view

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Solution to no live view

Postby kenkadish » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:15 pm

So I have been having a strange problem using Amcrest live view, and now have a solution I wanted to share.

I can access live view on
Amcrest Cloud IE11
Desktop (win 10), IE 11
very older laptop (XP), all using Internet Explorer,

Samsung S8
Google Chrome, but the plugin does not integrate, and it is a pain.

It just will not work with IE 11 on my win 10 laptop. Firewall on or off, safe mode on or off, active X controls all enabled, active X disabled. However, it does work fine with Surveillance Pro???

Spent some time with tech support, and had them remote to me, but no joy.

I have loaded and reloaded the IE plugin a thousand times, and it shows running, but still no live picture in IE.

The solution?

I installed Sea Monkey browser, and that was great!

Hope this helps someone out.


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