So you tried to secure your camera locked yourself out?

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So you tried to secure your camera locked yourself out?

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Hello all.. So While I do this I wanted to make sure that if you do this you might think about things on how you do this... What is that you say.. Setting up trusted IP's This could be under a couple of different names but most common for mine is IP Filter's

So one of the issues that I just helped my friend that lives 2 hours away is fixing his system from him being locked out... I tried to help over the phone however he just didn't understand all the steps I was talking about and because of this I had to go Visit my cabin today while I went to help him... A Trip I didn't want to take lol...

Anyway please note if you turn on IP filtering (Trusted Sites) you could get LOCKED out... Because of his camera type I am happy really that he couldn't get things apart to do factory Reset... That is one OPTION but really bad one in most cases lol...

So I get there and within a couple of minutes of looking over his system I asked him did you setup Trusted Sites? He was well He did everything I told him to make sure his computer, NVR, FTP, and Extra Net was working with the IP added so no one could get in... However his mistake he forgot to setup his home computer on a Static IP...

So yesterday when he tried to log into his Camera what he told me was he was locked out not Black listed or I would have worked with him on that rather then trying to tell him how to reset his camera lol...

Once if not often seeing there is only 1024 log entry in any of the systems from Amcrest save a log or 2 lol... It will make things easier to fix in the future if needed...

So looking over his system I found he was black listed and needed to fix his connection to the camera.. I asked where he kept his logs.. I went over his logs and found his computer, then went and changed his Network setup to a Static IP and put in his I then setup his wifes IP static and gave it access in the camera incase he was to lock out his system again they would still have access to the WebUI...

While not everyone does this.. I thought I would post something incase you were to do something like this and how one could go about fixing being Blacklisted from your Camera or NVR/DVR

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