Slipping motor on a 841B don't do what I did lol

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Slipping motor on a 841B don't do what I did lol

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Ok so I will admit I have my share of both White and black 841's I happen to like the Black ones more then then white because they are Flat and non reflective..

So what did I do, Well one of my much wanted black cameras started to have issues with tilt and I didn't look well enough I thought it was just a blown stepper motor because I have seen my share of them in my other Hobby. Anyway after taking one of my other black cameras fully apart to take out the motor and then I took the other one apart also removing the stepper motor I did leave it together enough so I wouldn't have to try and get the cameras cable back in the hole only the motor cables.. Anyway right after I screw in the stepper motor I glance down at the part where it connects so I could line it up before trying to put it together and I seen why the camera wouldn't tilt anymore because the plastic where the motor goes in was broke GRRRRRRR......

So yeah could have saved some time by not removing the motor only swap out the part that had broke oh well.. So I still have a back up motor lol...

So while I have been in Electronics for over 40 years I don't think people should be taking apart cameras or other electronics if you don't know how to protect your self and or the Circuit boards from damage..

Complete 841 teardown
20210720_021446_resized.jpg (947.58 KiB) Viewed 12187 times
Spot Broken and the good part side by side view
20210720_024429_resized.jpg (851.63 KiB) Viewed 12187 times
In case you need to remove top from base, Line up the 3 screws
20210720_022920_resized.jpg (1.04 MiB) Viewed 12187 times
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