No Pan or Tilt, only Zoom on my AF-2MVD-VARIB dome camera

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No Pan or Tilt, only Zoom on my AF-2MVD-VARIB dome camera

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I have the ECO-HD 1080P system. It is not hooked up to the home network. I monitor everything from the home office.

I just purchased two AF-2MVD-VARIB dome cameras. I hooked up the green lead and the power. From the PTZ control, I can only zoom in and out. I cannot pan or tilt. None of the onscreen controls work except for those two. I can pull up the menu for the camera itself. I can do that with the onscreen menu or with the joystick on the cord.

What am I doing wrong?
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Re: No Pan or Tilt, only Zoom on my AF-2MVD-VARIB dome camera

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Hello and Welcome to the Forum...

Sadly I am thinking you bought a camera with features that this camera don't offer...

This camera I am not even 100% sure is Auto Focus but it is a 4x Zoom camera and while you can zoom in if it Focuses on its own then it does offer Auto Focus and with AF in the name it might be...

however the PTZ or Pan Tilt feature that your looking for would be in a Full Pan Tilt camera. Inside you would see a camera with 2 motors and depending on how it was built it could be Belt Driven as all most all of my cameras are besides one from like 1996 or could have been 97 or 95 it has been so long now that I can't remember lol that one is Direct Drive for both pan and tilt however you can still see 2 motors...

So yeah sadly if you have the ability to Zoom and access the OSD of the camera if it was pan and tilt that would work as well...
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