ip2m-841b direct to PC???

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ip2m-841b direct to PC???

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I use this PTZ cam with a mobile PC and don't usually have connection to a router/internet when on the road. I have 2 1GB ethernet ports on my PC. Port 1 is usually connected to the internet when the system is not mobile, and I would like to "Hard Wire" configure this IP camera to port 2.

How do I go about making the camera and PC think this port is a router connection to direct connect to the PC?

I am really not looking to add a router or port switch to my mobile configuration.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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Re: ip2m-841b direct to PC???

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Yes, this is possible. Connect your IP cam to a router, log in to its web interface, go to Setup -> Network -> TCP/IP. Set its Wired IP address to something unique, like Subnet mask would be The other numbers don't matter in this usage scenario. Save your settings.
Now, on your PC, right-click your networking tray icon and open Network and Sharing Center. Click Change adapter settings. Right-click the network adapter you wish to use with the camera, and click Properties. Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Set IP address to and Subnet mask to and click [OK].
Connect your camera to your PC. To access the camera, open Internet Explorer and type into the address bar.
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Re: ip2m-841b direct to PC???

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Thank you !
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