Heated PTZ's or not there are some different temps

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Heated PTZ's or not there are some different temps

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So it is that time of year ago. When the Cold gets Colder and things like to ice up.

So looking at 3 of my cameras with Temp gauges I like to keep an eye on things to something don't freeze up on me lol..

So looking at the 2 850's one might wonder why is one little warmer then the other, The answer is one is working with IR lights on and the other one I have working with Color at night.

So I have not had my 850 apart but I have had some other cameras like my 850 apart from different company, Also a IR PTZ camera from Dahua that is old 960h and my other older 37x, 32x, 23x, and 27x cameras all are just non heated units and might be with thought the IR will keep the cameras warm. Funny thing is on some of my older ones they have the space for a heater Chip to go on however because of where the MB is placed that chip wouldn't fit in the housing. It is the same MB that is in my heated 960h camera that is in a normal no IR dome. The others have fans though so I would guess that the 850's do as well.

I mean sure there is heat given off by Circuit design. However seeing the 850's are in the 50's and 60's where my Speed Dome is almost 90 with a Heating Circuit my guess there has to be some type of fan control on the 850 if there is one on it or it would just Freeze up with as cold as it is right now..

My 960h from 2014
Screenshot (1565).png
Screenshot (1565).png (567.03 KiB) Viewed 1089 times
850 with IR on
Screenshot (1566).png
Screenshot (1566).png (424.86 KiB) Viewed 1089 times
850 running in Color
Screenshot (1567).png
Screenshot (1567).png (888.57 KiB) Viewed 1089 times
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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