Had someone ask Does CCA matter

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Had someone ask Does CCA matter

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In short CCA cable is Fake and shouldn't be used for running network anywhere for anything and while this is my own opinion and that of many other Network Professionals I stand by that 100%.. I have personally damaged my own hardware after testing some cameras with CCA cables that I got off a Friend of mine after replacing his with good copper cables...

Last week I happen to go to a different Camera company website looking for an update to one of my IP cameras that is from 2014 still no Update and sadly I won't use the camera while I don't want to mention the name of the company I just happen to look at what is the current offerings. I seen some cable and thought 20 usd for 150 of cable pre made was a ok price if in a Pinch However the funny thing is they don't even try to hide the Fact that it is CCA and Promote it as such.. There is no way I would want to run my POE+ $2000+ USD camera that while it might have been costly 6 years ago there are much better cameras today and cheaper but still wouldn't use CCA to run them..

Check out this Video about testing CCA cables and why one should not use them This isn't my Video and I don't know them nor promote anything of the channel just is something about testing real cable VS fake CCA cable
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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