Floodlight Security Camera?

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Re: Floodlight Security Camera?

Post by Thoughts4You »

What color is the light on the Kelvin scale (best guess)?
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Re: Floodlight Security Camera?

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Or better yet is it white light or Yellow? Aka Cool white or Warm white?
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Re: Floodlight Security Camera?

Post by Fleegle »

Its a 4K light so not quite daylight color but its not soft white either.
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Re: Floodlight Security Camera?

Post by AD110 »

Are there APIs which I could use to turn the ASH26 light ON/OFF via http?

Currently I have a set up that when I open my front door at night (WITHOUT motion detected), my floodlight outside the garage would turn on. My floodlight is an X10 unit, 70's technology, and I would like to see if I could upgrade it to the ASH26. Thanks.
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Re: Floodlight Security Camera?

Post by michaellm »

Yes, the http API of the ASH26 allows control of the light.

https://github.com/tchellomello/python- ... issues/161 is a discussion of people figuring out how to control the light by http. I have not succeeded myself although I plan to try it and integrate it with Home Assistant as outlined in the discussion.
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