easier way to view videos

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Re: easier way to view videos

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Yes I agree, the ASP interface isn't the most intuitive.

After a search, you see the list in the right hand panel. Check the ones you want, click the export icon at the top of the list (looks like an SD card) then complete the dialogue that opens for "Export Setup". There's a dropdown in there for file type where I normally choose .mp4.

Once downloaded to the folder you have specified you should use the same method to view them that you would any other video file, not ASP. I use VLC but that's just one of many options.

p.s. - As a side issue, and I don't want to overcomplicate things, when you installed ASP, did you also choose to install PC-NVR? If so then when it is properly setup, you already have recordings that are accesible through ASP which are on your PC and can be searched in the same way as those on the remote camera.
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Re: easier way to view videos

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Sounds like I want PC-NVR, will check it out, thanks.
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