Doing a Config Backup of your NVR Caution

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Doing a Config Backup of your NVR Caution

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Hello all, So I thought I would toss this out here to Caution anyone that runs the Config back up for cameras and for sure if you run it on your NVR... I tried it on my 4108h and while it does ask me to log in to comes back with Error.. However I ran it on my 2116-HS and the backup came after some short delay as there is a lot of Data it is loading..


While looking in the Data file I found that not only did it list all 16 channels by name down the file some more it also list all the 16ch Camera by IP, Password you use to log the camera onto the NVR, This also includes the Serial Number and Software Version not that last part really matters but it might for anyone that might get into your files looking for other ways to exploit your camera if your running an older FW that had issues... The info for the Email server with password is there, my FTP address and password for the FTP

Seeing I run a Mix of cameras from Dahua, Amcrest, Samsung, and Dahua OEM no brands I don't use all the same Passwords because I worry that one might exploit the other so my Samsung cameras carry the same Password besides my 2 box cameras because I have little faith in their security so they have 1 password and my higher end ones like 5321, 6321, 3771TH, 3430h and my Xnp6379RH all have a set password. My Amcrest and Real Dahua cameras share a Password and my OEM no brand are just admin seeing they have no audio and no PTZ so it is ok if it was hacked not that I want someone too... However all that info is in that FILE Along with P2P Key UUID address for server... Just wanted it to be known if you let someone have the Admin password to your NVR that may not be the one you use for all your cameras and or might be some cameras that are not shown to normal users kind of thing with your Admin Password someone might be able to get info you didnt' want them to have..
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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