Camera Motion Detect

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Camera Motion Detect

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What do you think the best setting for sensitivity on Motion Detect to eliminate false positives?
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Re: Camera Motion Detect

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Hello elicarter,

For those that don't know, to access or change the Sensitivity and Threshold for each camera on HDCVI, from the Main Menu, click Event from the bottom Settings row. Then, with Detect selected on the left, make sure you're on the Motion Detect tab on the right. Click the Setup button to the right of Region to open up the masking and sensitivity settings. You will need to set the sensitivity for each channel as selected on the Motion Detect page. The 4 regions do not represent 4 cameras, they only represent 4 different Motion Detection masks or regions for each camera that can have their own sensitivities and thresholds.

So, to answer your question, there is no clear cut answer to sensitivity/threshold settings that can truly eliminate false positives, while maintaining that they trigger as desired, for all cases. The problem is simply that everyone's cameras will be looking at such drastically different scenes, that one person can have false positives on a very low sensitivity (due to snow) whereas the other can use the same settings and not even catch the movements of trees in the wind.

The best thing you can do is work out a configuration for each camera based specifically on what your cameras are likely to register as motion and customize your settings to your preference. In order to do this, it helps to understand a bit more about how sensitivity and threshold work.

Think about it this way: sensitivity is a measurement of the amount of change in a camera's field of view that qualifies as potential motion detection, and threshold is how much of that motion needs to occur in order to actually trigger the alarm.

Considering this, if you set your sensitivity to 1 and threshold to 100, it would be practically impossible to trigger a motion alert. Alternatively, if you set your sensitivity to 100 and your threshold to 1 or 0, this means that the slightest change could set off the trigger. The trick is to finding a healthy balance based on all the factors that stand to stimulate your motion detection sensors and doing your own personal testing.

I hope you find the best setup for your DVR and for your cameras, if you still need help or anything else explained, we will do our best to help you out!
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