Amcrest servers spamming my network

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Amcrest servers spamming my network

Postby Falc0n » Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:07 am

So, I’ve recently setup a Raspberry Pi and installed Pi-hole on it to perform network level ad blocking, and also to monitor what sites are contacting my router. I have a massive number of hits (35K+) from several Amcrest sites, especially I do have Amcrest cameras installed, along with an NVR. I do not use, nor would ever use, Amcrest’s cloud server(s). I’m getting several hits every few seconds. The sites are now blocked/blacklisted, but who can we contact at Amcrest to stop this spamming, practically a DDOS attack?

Having slower than expected internet service? Check your router to see what load it’s under from remote sites wanting to make sure you are still there just for them!

P.S. Another story, I went to a food product company’s website over a year ago to get a recipe. I was on the site for about 10 minutes. I never returned. Come to find out that site has been hitting my router multiple times per day, every day since. This all adds up. They are blacklisted now. I’ve had the Pi-hole service running for just a few days now, I’ve had 60,000+ queries, many from sites I have no interest in.

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Re: Amcrest servers spamming my network

Postby bw355 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:17 am

Known issue. Here's a whole thread on it. Some of the camera's is supposed to stop calling home ... 90&p=12364

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