Advantage of CCTV as opposed to IP?

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Advantage of CCTV as opposed to IP?

Post by New2CCTV »

I currently own several IP cameras that I run on Blue Iris. However, I was recommended by a friend to check out CCTV cameras instead. Can you please tell me what will be the benefit to switching over?

My SetUp:

Normal 2 story house
1 car garage
standard backyard
3 bedrooms
7 IP cameras Total - Router Downstairs (NetGear AC1750)
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Re: Advantage of CCTV as opposed to IP?

Post by Amcrest »

Hello New2CCTV,

Thank you for taking an interest in our CCTV DVR systems!
That is, in fact, a great question.

The benefit of our HDCVI and 960H CCTV systems over IP cameras are many: security, ease of use, performance, access, and storage.

Security: With CCTV systems, your network is more secure than when you have multiple IP cameras.
You can choose to either remain offline, or get connected and bring your DVR online.
Either way, it is a great deal safer and easier to manage than IP cameras in terms of network security.

Ease of use: Also, especially with our systems, setting them up is literally plug and play.
IP cameras tend to confuse a lot of people, especially those who have no network experience.
We have worked very hard to make our DVR setup process extremely easy, requiring no network knowledge at all.
In addition to all of that, the actual physical setup is very straight-forward. You connect your devices to power, connect the cameras to your DVR, and watch as your live feeds pop up immediately.

Performance: This is the most important part for most people.
We are proud to offer our customers a CCTV camera system that uses the best technology available to date.
Not only do we raise the bar by bringing true HD resolution to CCTV like never before, but, as compared to IP cameras, HDCVI and 960H bring you excellent video streams in real time. With IP cameras, video has to be uploaded, transferred, and downloaded before viewing. This causes a significant delay time. With our analog, real-time and lossless transmission using coaxial cabling, you can see things happen in live time.

Access: Previously, CCTV systems were widely used and heavily depended upon, but they never had the ability to go online.
We offer our very own Amcrest apps (like Amcrest View for HDCVI, and Amcrest Link for 960H) so you can view your cameras anywhere you are and at any time with a smartphone or tablet. Of course, there is also browser support for remote computer access. Our HDCVI line supports Windows browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox as well as Safari on Mac. Our 960H line supports only Internet Explorer on Windows currently, but we are expecting to see added browser support for both Windows and Mac in coming months.

Storage: With IP cameras, you have to either purchase an additional SD card for storage, or you have to take up room on your own computer or laptop. The DVRs we offer all come with their own built-in hard drives which allows you to have a dedicated, independent, and wonderful storage location for all of your favorite videos and snapshots inside of the DVR's intuitive on-screen display.

These are just the major reasons our HD CCTV systems are so wonderful.
Keep in mind that IP also has its own advantages like less equipment, and the ability to use Wi-Fi.
But if you want a heavy-duty, reliable, and powerful surveillance solution, HDCVI or 960H is for you.

I hope I was able to answer your question to your satisfaction.
Please feel free to let us know if you have any more questions or would like help processing an order over the phone.

Thanks, we look forward to your reply!
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