Forum Building and Spam Control


Forum Building and Spam Control

Postby James.S » Tue May 21, 2019 11:15 am

I will be making some security changes within the forum to attempt to try and reduce the amount of spam registration and posts we are getting. If this is creating an issue for you Please send me a PM or an email to ([email protected]).

I need your help to keep an eye out for Spam posts and posts made in the wrong section Please report theses using the report button to alert myself and other mods to the situation so we can promptly address them.

Hope all is well!


Re: Forum Building and Spam Control

Postby James.S » Tue May 21, 2019 11:24 am

Change Log: 5/21/19

Instead of Admin approval only I temporarily applied Email Verification required and updated the Spam countermeasures to create a GD Graphic where the correct letters and numbers will need to be input to proceed.

Increased the time to pass until the user is required to change password, original set to 15 days it is now 30.


Re: Forum Building and Spam Control

Postby James.S » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:03 am

Chane Log 7/6/19

Major Changes

1. Today the forum has been brought up to date & we are now going to use the Google reCAPTCHA v2 for Spam Countermeasures. You can find more info about reCAPTCHA here >(

2 "Amcrest Mentor" I created this group for members who are helpful to our community. Any user can request to join this group and below I will post a small guide to assist with the application process. This group is looking for members who are looking to help others as well as grow our community.

Here are some important things to have or have some of to be approved.

~ Very helpful attitude towards the Users & Staff of the forum,

~ Active presence in the forum,

~ 30 or more posts,

~ Being Technical is very helpful however is Not Required.

This group will come with some moderation permissions, as well as a few other cool things we can discuss in the approval process.

(>Guide to applying <) Go to your profile > Click " Edit Profile"> Click "Usergroups" Tab at the top> Select the "Amcrest Mentor" Option, Navigate to the drop-down and ensure it says "Join Selected" and click Submit.

3 "Amcrest Guru" This group has been created for very distinguished Amcrest Mentors who have shown the initiative to go above and beyond to help our community. This group at this time is approval only and the user will need to be an Amcrest Mentor to apply for this group.

Future visions

I am wanting to create a rank system for all the users in the forum, However, this could take some time. but will provide you with updates when I have them.

Hope you all have an awesome rest of your weekend!


Re: Forum Building and Spam Control

Postby James.S » Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:20 pm


I have added a new official group that new users will be put in automatically called (Newly Registered Users). Users with less than 10 posts will be limited on what they can add to their profile and actions they can take on the forum.

(This is mainly for spam as users have been creating links in their signatures)

The new ranks are coming along nicely and I'm getting excited to start using it. I am waiting for the graphics to be finished and the system will start to be implemented.


Re: Forum Building and Spam Control

Postby James.S » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:57 pm

Hey Everyone, Hope you are all having great a great week!

Some news I wanted to alert the forum too, I have created the ability to do mentions on the Forum. It will look like this @Revo2Maxx @longedge To mention someone in a post simply type @username.

I am also looking in possibly providing a sleek dark theme for customers who enjoy dark mode.

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