What happened to the IP8M-2597EW series

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What happened to the IP8M-2597EW series

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Does anyone know what's going on with the IP8M-2597EW series of 4K Amcrest POE IP bullet cameras? They were new as of a year ago but I can't even find them listed anywhere anymore (besides a few support references).

I have a few of the IP8M-2597EW-28MM cameras and generally like them. I especially like the low light performance with the large image sensor. They were fairly new as of last year when I bought them but they were hard to get and went out of stock regularly. Now it doesn't even look like they are being offered for sale.

If these have been discontinued, (which would be very unfortunate), what does that mean for continued support and firmware updates?
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Re: What happened to the IP8M-2597EW series

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same question. :(
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Re: What happened to the IP8M-2597EW series

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Well sadly it is hard to say what and why something don't stay long within the Amcrest CCTV line up.. There are a few others that did the same thing almost to the point of a no release in a since.. Like the 1041 that is a product v3 of the 1051 and another one is the 941v3.. It seems only one that even took was the 841v3 units and only place I can find any info other 1041 is in the Firmware so there must have been a issue with the release FW and pulled the unit? Not sure

There are others.. It could be they had issues, maybe didn't sale well, and or had another product within the line that had a lower cost and a higher markup able... Sadly there is just no telling.. There are a couple of Websites that say they have them for sale, I personally can't say they do and seeing it says it won't get here for 3 to 7 weeks my guess is there is non in Stock with the people selling them...
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