IP camera integration for Amcrest Smart Home App

see a device that we do not currently have and think we should research in to let us know here. The same goes for features on devices If there is a feature we don't have that you would like please request it here and it will be passed along to the R&D team.
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Re: IP camera integration for Amcrest Smart Home App

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Guess I don't notice the issue that everyone does because I use the Fingerprint mode.. Fast and easy and no worry about remembering a password that I use only a few times out of all the other things that have passwords I need to remember.. Downside to this is I forget the password when needed lol.

Outside of that maybe asking for a Feature for the smarthome in the Features section might get the R&D team to look over your idea and see if there is a way to make it so you don't have to always add your password!? Maybe have it setup in a Geo Fence setup so when you put in the password once you leave the area setup it will ask for the password to make sure it is you using the device or something like that.. Then say with way things are right now if your phone don't leave that Fence area then it would ask maybe once a week for a password to again make sure it is you that is asking for use...

In since of why or what.. I like the idea that this is in place. Last thing I want is someone at a party or one of my Kids friends getting ahold of my phone while I am away, or what ever and have them Disable my security using my own phone.. Would be Pointless in having Security...
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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