Google Integration for Smarthome Cameras

see a device that we do not currently have and think we should research in to let us know here. The same goes for features on devices If there is a feature we don't have that you would like please request it here and it will be passed along to the R&D team.
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Google Integration for Smarthome Cameras

Post by AmcrestGoogle »

First, love Amcrest cameras BUT Amcrest has been advertising this smarthome app, that does not work with Google Assistant capabilities. Why Amcrest will only support Alexa is strange to me. Can Amcrest please make their smarthome app integrated products capable of integrating with those of us with Google based smarthomes?

I would love the ability to set a routine telling Google Assistant I'm leaving and having that type of command instantly set cameras to begin recording even if outside of their regular schedule.

Perhaps being able to view cameras on Google Hubs would be nice. I hope with enough support (which I already see in other posts regarding other products) that Amcrest will not just exclusively integrate with Alexa but also with Google.

Given that there are already requests for this based on a quick search I did on the forum, it would be terrific to see and well worth the time put in to have this feature. Why wait for other companies to do this and have people who see similar products go with those other products due to ease of integration while Amcrest does nothing.

Hope to see this feature very very soon. Don't fall behind the competition Amcrest.

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Re: Google Integration for Smarthome Cameras

Post by zmaj101 »

I second this! Google integration would be awesome, especially with the Nest Home Hub.
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Re: Google Integration for Smarthome Cameras

Post by nixhome2020 »

Yes, I'd love to be able to turn on my ASH26-W Spotlights from my Google Home, and turn them off as well....
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Re: Google Integration for Smarthome Cameras

Post by Newcomer9087 »

I would really love to add my doorbell to the smarthub google home app, if they could add amcrest to the works with google list.
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Re: Google Integration for Smarthome Cameras

Post by tangelogee »

I agree! That's the one thing I'm missing with my Amcrest system, since I use Google Home. I would love to be able to use my Amcrest cameras on my google home devices. Also, a version of the app for Google/Android TV would be awesome!
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Re: Google Integration for Smarthome Cameras

Post by jack7 »

To use SmartHome cameras with Google Assistant, you could try using this.  I have not tried it. ... assistant/
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