DVR/NVR Water Sensor to turn off Motion

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DVR/NVR Water Sensor to turn off Motion

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While I am sure this is a Dumb Idea lol... However one of the most things people complain about is Motion picking up when it rains and them getting loads of alerts that isn't anything worth worrying about.

So if we had a NVR or DVR or even cameras with an ability to add a Rain Sensor this might take away false alarms.

So this would or Could work in a few different ways. One say your setup for Motion Detection only recording. One way not such a smart thing but one way is to have camera or NVR/DVR set temp rule that turns off Motion recordings.

Or even better yet rather then turn off the Recording it would set rule to turn off the Notices for that Camera, or CH for DVR/NVR.

Or while some people might not like this but is better and more secure. With Sensor it detects rain and sets a temp rule from Motion only recording to Full time recording and you don't get alerts.

So people might be thinking huh how would this work. i am not going to set my DVR/NVR out in the rain lol.. NO. The sensor is water proof and has a water sensor that would make a NO setting Closed. This would then make the connection in the wire to complete the circuit. This could be then plugged into a Camera or ran into a Home/office to DVR/NVR and could work to turn off all out door cameras motion or only Ch you pick if they were outside and always trigger false alarms while raining...
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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