ASH 26 Design or Spotlight Cam over BNC

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ASH 26 Design or Spotlight Cam over BNC

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Hello all,

Wired SPOT light cam or Flood Light cam.. This is Awesome design.. While my Spotlight cam is a TVI camera and is only 2mp it is older camera what does one expect.. So on order right now I have a 7108-AI that will get here one day soon.. It Would be awesome to have a New and improved output of Quality like 4mp...
Why there is Question?
Well for me I have places that Wifi just don't work. In my area I have way to many devices already clouding my network and would like to have a Camera maybe with higher output LEDs... Also maybe little more control over how long the Spot light cam or what ever someone would call it turn on longer with an adjustment longer then the 30 seconds that it turns on now.. While I know this is not related to the DVR however it could be with OSD.. I mean my Siren camera I can in OSD have it go off for 5 sec to 1 min and a good few options between... Same could be done with the Light Camera..

Anyway Difference between the Ash26 and my other spot light cam is the other has BNC, and 12v power connector there is no high power 120v to worry about. Also don't have to worry about having a Great Wifi there just Plug in the power and Siamese cable and your rocking a new light... Better yet keep it with the idea of people being able to use it in all different formats like this is with 4 in 1 setting on wire joystick.. Press hold 1 way for set time turns on AHD, another way for 5 seconds TVI or another for CVI and for people with older systems yet the last would be CVBS... I personally thing that could be built and sold under 100 easy.. I was talking with a Friend I had over today about mine.. Told him they don't sell it anymore however he said with being BNC he would buy 4 heck I know I would buy a good 2 or 3 myself.. I might Re Purpose it with a 5mp TVI sensor that will take it the next level.. All depends on the format of the camera board if that is how all the things work then I wouldn't be able too..

This isn't a Ring just looks like one lol. But I know there is a Smart Home white led camera but that isn't bright enough

So like I was saying one that is like the ASH26 just wired BNC rather then Wifi and not 110v so others can install in new location without having to hire a Electrician
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