AD110 won’t factory reset

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AD110 won’t factory reset

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Just bought a house with this doorbell on it. I am unable to factory reset the device to create a new account and password. The reset button only activates or deactivates the wifi. Is the reset button possibly broken?
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Re: AD110 won’t factory reset

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So that button is a multi function button. IF you press the button for a short time it will turn on the Wifi Hotspot for setting up the camera. What you will want to do is make sure that you can touch the Reset button on the camera not going through the faceplate if your trying to Reset with the Faceplate still on it might be that you can not hold it long enough to Reset the camera..

So once you can get a Good Hold of the Button, Press and HOLD the Button for as long as it takes for Basile says that it is Resetting.. Once the camera starts to Reset it might take a Minute or 2 for it to be ready to setup again.

Make sure to DL the Smart Home software for Amcrest, once you get that app setup you will want to press the + to add a new device, then press the button again for a short time like less then a second and you will hear Basile say that the cameras hotspot is turned on.. Then setting up and making connection with in the app to the hotspot just make sure that your connected to your 2.4g Wifi of your router that you will want to connect it to. and it will walk you though setting it up..
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