AD110 with Blue Iris 5+

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AD110 with Blue Iris 5+

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I have ben running BI with IP camera for a couple of years and it works well. I picked up the AD110 Doorbell Camera and have not been successful in getting a real time connection. I have the IP and the APP is working fine on my phone and doorbell

Some of the documentation is a bit cryptic- my first question is what are the entries for User and Password. I've seen admin/admin (all lower) and admin/(my password that I gave it) . which is it or something else ? (I have it at admin/admin now)

Find inspect finds the doorbell just fine and it checks out and passes

In the first screen / general tab I see some packets in Main Stream so it appears to be sending.

but all I get from the doorbell is "no signal"

I did all the recommended set up from all the other threads (554/8999 generic ONVIF etc etc)

Not sure where to look next

Any insight appreciated
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Re: AD110 with Blue Iris 5+

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