Why does Amcrest View Pro require location?

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Why does Amcrest View Pro require location?

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When I try to install my Amcrest 1080P camera the app requires my location, why is this?
Does my video feed go through Amcrest servers? I want the video feed to go from my camera->router->phone
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Re: Why does Amcrest View Pro require location?

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Hello and welcome to the forum

Sadly I don't have a good answer for you what I am going to guess is that There are many different areas of the world with many users that have location rights if you will.. So within that area there might be things that you can do that on this part of the world we can't.. So by knowing that your in ABC and not XYZ it knows what parts of the app to unlock and what part to lock!???

About knowing for sure your system is going from your system to your phone there is only 1 way for sure that can be done and that will open your system up for outside attacks there are loads of things that are involved in doing so.. That is by doing Port Forwarding... I have the Same IP address since I moved in because part of my Internet Package when I signed up I asked for A Static IP.. I don't have anything to hide and while I pay a little more for the Static IP I don't have to worry about some outside domain having to keep asking my router for a new IP update every so often...

for the Fastest and easiest way to have your system connected is over P2P and while I can't say that there is no outside system with more info then needed I can say that it is the best fastest and easy way to keep an eye on your cameras while your away from home or office.... P2P is great because while it does contact a Server and yes shared with Amcrest Cloud or amcrestview server that server is only there listing for your Ping it then opens a connection that you and your computer are only thing working and there is nothing in between looking at the data.. Only person that can see the footage is you with your user and password without that no access can be granted...
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