Where and how are push notifications sourced?

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Where and how are push notifications sourced?

Post by tzoom »

I have an Amcrest IP2M-841 wifi cam hooked to a NV2116-HS NVR. The NVR is wired to my Asus router (which has internet access).

I connected to Amcrest View Pro ( no Smart Home device setups). When on my home network I can access NVR config from the app, all cams, and get push notifications from my Android phone.

When I disconnect from the network (and use LTE), I cannot configure the NVR, or view the cameras. But I STILL get push notifications.

I'm just trying to figure out, from a network standpoint, how I'm still getting these and from where.

Do the cameras send push notifications? Or does the NVR?

Where do the notifications get sent to once they leave my router?

And how do they get to my phone?
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Re: Where and how are push notifications sourced?

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Hello and Welcome to the Forum...

So I have also a good few 841's and other cameras on a few DVR/NVR's and one of them is also a 2116-HS...

So about how you are getting PUSH it would be up to you on how you setup your NVR or Cameras to what one is sending you Push...

So when you go to AVP when you setup your Push for your device it will make you choose out of your list of devices what one you want to setup as your PUSHER.. I am going to guess that it is the Camera it self since you said that you can't access your NVR out side your Network...

If you want to access your NVR from outside your network without having to worry about Network Magic you will wan to DELETE your NVR setup you have from your AVP, Then click the + to add it back, The on the top of your NVR you have a QR code or should if it wasn't removed.. After pressing the + click on the DVR/NVR button Pick first Option P2P Setup, then scan the QR Code, Enter a Name, put in the User and Password and once setup click to do live view.. Then when you are outside your network you will have access to your NVR and also from within your network as well...

Just note that for me I have found it works well to send notices from NVR however when you load into the NVR on an alert it will make you feel like your Missing CH1 unless it is CH1 that your asking for Push for because say it is ch9 you will have ch9 showing on ch1 and ch9.. However if you load into NVR without a Notice present it will load your cameras 1-16 without an issue.. Sometimes it just confuses me lol... If I get it from Camera I have to admit I don't always get Pictures or video clip however all things that I have asked for Push from my NVR I get great results as long as I use the NVR to push them..

Make note.. No matter what you use if your Video clip is to long it will take a long time to get the Push so I always use LIve View or Image and it is almost instant.. I get a Clip sent Push just as Car has left preview screen and sometimes before it leaves...
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Re: Where and how are push notifications sourced?

Post by ZetiX »

I also think it's the camera since you're selecting the device in push notification settings.

But based on my knowledge of programming, the normal way would be to configure the device for motion detect and automatically send out the notifications to the registered apps. However, the motion detect setting doesn't actually get enabled. So I assume they just have a separate api for the motion detect event without enabling the motion detect setting.
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