Have some questions or having issues with Amcrest View Pro, Post them here for the mods and other users to assist you.
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Is there a way to set up the camera view to 2? Default is single, 4, 8, etc. Only have 2 cameras and would prefer seeing only both. Thanks!
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Sadly it is only what is able by Amcrest Apps.. I am going to guess that there might be others out there that might have the ability.. I am not sure what Tiny Cam does but I know someone talks about that program a lot and sadly I wouldn't use it personally because there just don't need to be anyone outside of Amcrest to have the Passwords for my Cameras and Systems... While I do use a couple because it seems that the Doorbell camera and a few others I own don't like my Normal Type of passwords so for the ones I can do my good one on I us that however my others I have special passwords that work for them and having to use different apps outside of my Amcrest family of CCTV hardware I just won't Risk it...
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