Reolink Time Problem on Replay

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Reolink Time Problem on Replay

Post by Ritcheyvs »

I have an Amcrest NV4108-HS NVR and a mix of Reolink, Dahua, and Amcrest cameras.

The actual NVR works fine using monitor and mouse but is limited in the number of images it can display on replay (over decode ability) and in other ways (like no keyboard).

When I try replay using Amcrestview Pro (or SmartPSS or SmartClient) replay works correctly with only Dahua/Amcrest cameras.

When I try to replay a mix of Reolink and Amcrest/Dahua cameras the Dahua/Amcrest camera images freeze (burned-in time doesn't advance) at the selected play time but the Reolink cameras play correctly except the time displayed in the timeline is one hour early (compared to the burned-in time). I tried disabling DST and selecting a different time zone for the Reolink Cameras but that didn't help.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix? What about the beta version?

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Re: Reolink Time Problem on Replay

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Hello and Welcome to the Forum.

I am going to guess your talking about using the ASP to access each camera and what not. I am going to guess as I don't know for sure but your running your Cameras and NVR and trying to access the ASP all at the same time?

If that is the case one of the issues is that your camera is working double trying to give you ASP stream and NVR stream. This can cause delay and freezing views....

Also I don't know how your trying to stream all Cameras back at one time unless your talking about using ASP to stream all the info to your ASP then sure I can see that.. Then issue could be that each camera don't have Video at all times recorded? Or are they on 24/7 record?

Also anytime the Camera losses connection to the NVR/DVR the picture can freeze there while other things play out over that time until that camera has feed again...

Sorry not sure how you have things setup or what your trying to access for view or what is going on...

About the TIME... If you save anything in ASP or any other ap if it is set to Network time server or if your computer has different time settings it can effect the camera time. Most times the settings are to Sync to your time when you log in... Turn that off turn off all Day Light Saving time settings and that should clear up the Time issue...
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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