Playback ONly 24 Hours?

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Playback ONly 24 Hours?

Post by Bajebgi »

Hey Guys, I just realised with this app im only allowed to playback 24 hours?

What gives?

I have this connected to a standalone camera with SD card and a 16 channel NVR.

Is this right?
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Re: Playback ONly 24 Hours?

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Hello and welcome to the forum

I am not sure I understand? Are you asking if you setup to record your only able to play back no more then a day?

If that is the case I would look over your cameras or NVR WebUI and under setup, System, Auto Maintain, and make sure that the Delete old footage isn't set to 1 I would turn it off or set it to 30 and that way it will have a time for as long as your MSD or HDD will record to fill... Another thing is make sure you have your system setup to Overwrite rather then stop recording when Full this will ensure that if your recording and not able to be home say you have left for a week and your recording time is a month but you left 9 days before that end thought you would make it back in time but needed to extend your stay past your system normal hdd or MSD length of record time rather then it just stop recording it will record over the oldest first to keep things going on today recorded...
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