Need Help Setting up Camera on my Computer .....

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Need Help Setting up Camera on my Computer .....

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I would like to set up Amcrest Surveillance Pro on my Windows 10 computer .... I opened up the app, but my camera is not showing up. I can access my Amcrest camera from my Note 3 ... Note 4 and Note 20 Ultra. Can anyone help me figure out how to set up the camera on my computer ? I've watched the YouTube video, but my camera is not appearing in the app.
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Re: Need Help Setting up Camera on my Computer .....

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Here are some things you will need...

Computer Win 10 <- you said you have
Camera ASP Can work with Amcrest Cameras and May or May not work with other Dahua Cameras
Ethernet cable or Wifi connections for your Devices

Now I am going to point out something you may or may not know so take it as you will...

Router is DHCP Server and serves your Computer, and Camera if they are setup to be Served by one.. IF your camera is setup with a Static IP from Factory or was Second Hand and they setup with a IP outside your Range your not going to be able to access your camera with your asp

Press Windows Key R, Type in CMD Window comes up Type in IPCONFIG, make note of your IP address under V4 protocol and your Default Gateway

Then in same window type in ARP -G

This should list anything that your computer range can see and maybe others outside your range if programmed to see..

So if you see a item say at a different IP address that says Dynamic next to it even though it is out of range that might be your cameras IP Most likely or and maybe your range isn't in that scope.. You will need to change that IP to match your Range of IP and your default Gateway.. You can do this in 2 ways.. Change it over the Ip COnfig Tool from Dahua or Amcrest should have came on the CD that was with your camera or you can DL from the website.. This is the easiest way to make changes the other way would be you having to make a Connection to your camera and you can do this by making your computer able to talk to more then just your range of IP...

Once your Camera and Computer are in the Same Range you can then do a Search in your ASP to add it to your Program and then you will need to setup PC-NVR to set aside a Chunk of your HDD space and setup PC-NVR to access your camera so you can Record even without the ASP being open.. Just don't forget to setup PC-NVR to auto log on everytime you reboot your computer... Also if you are doing this for being able to Record in PC-NVR keep in mind your need your computer to be running full time 24/7
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