Motion Detection Area/Region Setting Discrepancy

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Motion Detection Area/Region Setting Discrepancy

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I found one post mentioning this here... ... ing#p23771

I had IE11 browser and View Pro session running side by side. In the Web UI/Browser session, the entire display was marked as Region 1 for Motion Detection. In the View Pro app only the top half of the display is marked as Motion Area! I am pretty sure the Web UI is correct, why would the interfaces have this kind of discrepancy?! View Pro is completely misrepresenting the camera configuration. It is also missing many other settings found in the Web UI. Instead of a fully functional interface for the specific camera, I think it provides the bare minimum. The organization of the settings is different and confusing.

I have only had an Amcrest camera less than a week, the IP3M-943 seems to be feature rich and capable camera, but I have no confidence in View Pro for configuring the camera. I would like a Web Interface I can run on any platform.
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Re: Motion Detection Area/Region Setting Discrepancy

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IT is said in many places that the best place to setup the cameras besides the normal App Wifi setting is over the WebUI and this is over all other types of View Platforms out there...

Seeing your new to Amcrest Cameras I am going to mention that if you choose the Cloud app you are going to need to make sure that any update in the WebUI you need to make them changes in the Cloud app as well. Like Encoding changes and such If you don't you will find that your encoding has changed after some time and may not be happy with the end results.. That is because the Cloud is the Boss in its mind and what ever setting is in there is the way it should be...

IF you don't have the Cloud Free or paid then no worries...

Most things in the Camera can be accessed over the Phone app just not much in ways of settings.. Most are for the App and don't translate into the normal scope of the camera as a whole... I don't use the app much other then when I am away from my home and need to access my cameras Or if I am in the back out of view of my normal Internet connection I will use phone to view the cameras if needed. Other then that It is WebUI or Recorder view if they are on my Screen for viewing...

Another thing.. That you will find and as of right now it is the way it is... Don't set the Date and time beyond what is set already unless you want to change it often... Like I was just looking before mentioning this all my Cameras are all back to the y m d setting and 24hr when I change it over to m d y and 12h setting more often then I wish I had to.. Just a Flaw one that don't matter I have to keep changing just thought I would point that out before it drives you insane as it does me lol....
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