iOS app 'night" failing but PC app works ok

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iOS app 'night" failing but PC app works ok

Post by JStateson »

Unaccountably, using iOS Amcrest View Pro I cannot enable day, night, or auto on my IP2M-852W but the PC's "IP Config" tools works fine on same camera.

There seems to be no version number on the iOS app nor a version date. The PC windows one is (v) 3.20.10

the password is correct on the iPhone app as I can change other features. Selecting the "moon" icon the settings are only night vision "auto" and night vision "off". It has been stuck in night mode and I never was able to get color until I use the PC program to set "color"

Why is the "color" option missing from the iOS app?
Who is the developer of the iOS app?
Is there a better iOS app for amcrest?
I also use blueiris but that program, AFAICT, does not have the options to control Day/Night mode or at least I cannot find them as blueiris seems to have everything else including the kitchen sink.
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Re: iOS app 'night" failing but PC app works ok

Post by Melvin »

Hi JStateson,

Use web interface for any camera settings iOS app will make temporary changes and some of the options you can change only with respect to that particular device.
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